Core modules

GlimpsePlus is so much more

Look at it as a transport and logistics software solution and the same is true of operations involving field based vehicles, assets and resources.
Productivity, connectivity and visibility generate efficiency, profitability and utilisation gains. In order to push these business drivers to achieve desired outcomes interaction and management of people, vehicles, devices and assets is essential.

The breadth of functionality and features ‘out of the box’ is where GlimpsePlus outstrips our competitor offerings and ensures as an organisation you also optimise and improve your operations.

By creating a roles based web based portal accessed by all parts of a supply and fulfilment chain and the customer puts GlimpsePlus out on its own in terms of depth of our offering, in short we offer a ‘complete package.’ Allied to our ‘complete package’ we leverage the cloud fully for cost effective and market leading commercial packages to make your sourcing and procurement decisions that much more value driven on both a technical and business perspective.

Real-time Task & Resource Management

Issue job sheets and job specific information in one go to a single device (desktop, phone, tablet or print). This gives you and your team full visibility of all job or service task specific information to complete their work load efficiently and effectively.

Real-time tracking via GIS also provides real-time visibility and connectivity with your field based workforce.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePod) / Job Completion

Our ePoD functionality allows customers to sign for their goods digitally on any connected device. The same principle applies to the sign-off when completing a service task in either a B2C or B2B setting.

Digital workflow will allow you to record the cost and invoice the job accurately creating a smart back office capability and reducing the need for paper based timesheets and goods received notes.

Vehicle, Asset & Device Management

From daily walk-around vehicle checks to uploading service history and regulatory documentation for a vehicle, asset or device record GlimpsePlus provides you with full capability to manage your physical resources digitally.

GlimpsePlus is an IoT enabler and we can deploy ‘commercial off the shelf’ and design bespoke tracking devices to capture and provide real time usage and location of anything from highways maintenance assets (e.g. grass cutting machinery & chainsaws) through to cold storage sensors and non-motorised

Real-time Tracking, Updates & Monitoring

GlimpsePlus partners with low cost low powered WAN (LPWAN) network providers for IoT applications.

GlimpsePlus software solutions have also long used 3G and 4G mobile phone networks very effectively using A-synchronous capabilities to traverse and mitigate areas where there are ‘not spots’ on phone coverage.

Reporting & Analytics

GlimpsePlus comes with extensive service, customer and financial reporting tools plus an ability to cross-reference and compile ad-hoc reports within the application.

GlimpsePlus also benefits from an open API and / or the ability to export data in CSV format. Integrating data from GlimpsePlus with your enterprise BI tools couldn’t be easier.

Alerts & Notifications

The ability to provide real-time planned or ad-hoc alerts and notifications to your field force, supply chain partners and customers is all possible using direct messaging from the GlimpsePlus app.

End users will pick these up either via the GlimpsePlus mobile app, their registered personal email or via SMS message.

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