Features & Benefits

GlimpsePlus is built to introduce new ways of working and break-down traditional silo’s, self-service is possible across the breadth of your service giving a cost effective and customer friendly ability to service demand seamlessly.

GlimpsePlus is an enabler of new ways of working and operating models and policies.

Transport & Logistics, be it the movement of people, passengers or assets requires stringent compliance with both health & safety and regulatory requirements (e.g VOSA).

GlimpsePlus can hold all relevant information giving direct and real-time access to search and report on all your operational needs (driver, fleet management, end user, service recipient) both pro-actively and reactively.

Being roles based GlimpsePlus also stores logs of all user interactions.

Safeguarding of vulnerable passengers or the health & well-being of your workforce is of critical importance.

GlimpsePlus offers market leading visibility, traceability and an ability to retrospectively and in real-time provide business critical information to reduce organisational and reputational risk.

Integrating GlimpsePlus to your enterprise application landscape is simplified by our open API, therefore be it integration with your line of business applications, ERP, CRM system or pushing and pulling data feeds GlimpsePlus has it all.

As a business this will reduce the deployment and change management time and moreover not render you in a ‘vendor lock-in’ position.

Cyber Security in a fast paced data-driven world has never been of such critical importance, GlimpsePlus has been designed from the ground-up to achieve the highest possible levels of compliance. This includes compliance with the incoming EU GDPR Data Protection Act in 2018.

Compliance is achieved at infrastructure, platform and application level to give full peace of mind to the commissioning body.

GlimpsePlus has a highly developed data model that allows all elements of the supply and fulfilment chain coupled with service user the ability to interact with a single web portal. Approved Android and iOS mobile apps can also be downloaded from the Play Store and iStore.

Our resulting single version of the truth and open API means that GlimpsePlus is a value driven application that can be easily integrated into your enterprise landscape environment.

Passwords are renowned as being vulnerable to cyber-attack, we’ve considered this and offer simple & secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorisation and data encryption service to both our web and mobile app.

Don’t be held back by fellow supply and fulfilment chain partners, GlimpsePlus can be made available to all, the web, mobile app and roles based nature of GlimpsePlus coupled with security compliance integrated into the build means that you can confidently make available a digital capability to all.

The product can truly enable a network effect in your community, service users and across your supply and fulfilment chain

Ease of access to all, leveraging the full suite of scalability offered flexibly by cloud technologies ensures a cost effective and risk controlled growth capability.

Finally, the visibility of resources, vehicles, assets and customers offered to you as a commissioning organisation is unrivalled and this augurs well for deploying and delivering resilient, sustainable and market leading operating models.

GlimpsePlus leverages the full breadth of capabilities offered by cloud technologies to offer rapid deployment options. OPEX based commercial models that are linked to usage for lower total cost of ownership.

Our offering is scalable and relative to your organisational needs and by nature we offer disruptive commercial models with no caps on user licenses or hefty upfront costs.

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