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Our partners bring proven, recommended, scalable, secure and market leading solutions. Consistent with our commercial model, all our partner solutions are delivered on a scalable Pay Per Use model ensuring all our customers pay for only what they need and consume.

The benefit is that these solutions are all maintained and integrated by GlimpsePlus within an ecosystem you can trust.


Building on-premises infrastructure can be slow and expensive: expensive hardware needs to be ordered, paid for, installed, configured and all long before you actually need it. By contrast, the cloud means you just pay for the resources you consume when you need them.

GlimpsePlus partners with Amazon Web Services to implement scalable solutions quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively, without the need for time- consuming and expensive infrastructure.

GlimpsePlus uses London and Ireland data centres only for our EU based customers ensuring our hosting and infrastructure, platform and application layers are all GDPR compliant.


With solutions for identity registration, different types of data encryption, multi-factor authentication, flexible access rights management and data structures.

UNLOQ helps organisations unify and secure data currently kept in silos while providing an intuitive user experience. Through application customisation and private instance deployments, UNLOQ addresses data residency concerns and offers an end-to-end custom branded experience.


The Google Maps API is the most popular mapping API in the world. While the standard API provides the same interactive and user-friendly features, the Google Maps API provides additional functionality ideally suited to meet the needs of your business and allows you to:

  • Use faster and higher volume advanced geocoding functions.
  • Integrate maps with safe content, delivering it via https addresses.
  • Keep track of reports on usage across multiple domains.
  • Check the ads displayed within the maps.
  • Enjoy support and business service option benefits.

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